Paris Geller, Rory's Biggest Enemy!

Yes, we know, no one really likes her.

Paris Geller also attends Chilton with Rory.

In the picture above, Rory, in a terrible mood, yells at Paris.

We guess it has something to do with Shakespeare.

Or not.


I guess you can say it all started back when Rory started Chilton.

And it wasn't exactly all her fault that Paris started hating her. But when you mix two girls of equally high intelligence competing for good grades, you get Rory and Paris.

On the other hand...

Rory and Paris, accompanied by Louise and Madeline (Paris' flunkeys) went to a Bangles concert. Part of the way through...

Paris (to Rory, in a whisper): You know, I really like this band.
Rory looks at her in shock and amazement. Paris Geller actually liking something that Rory Gilmore had suggested? Be still my heart!

Back to the bad side...

No one really knows where things will go with Rory and Paris. They could turn out well or terribly. Some of us who hate Paris' bratty moods say she should just transfer !

Another thing about Paris is she is very hard-working and does exceptional schoolwork. In the episode "The Third Lorelai," she tells Rory...

Paris: And I have nothing to wear! I'm not the type who hangs out at the boutique, hoping to get that little top! And I don't wear lipstick; the only lipstick I own, when you put it on, you can't see it - which is why I liked it in the first place. See, I'm not the dating type. I study. Then I think about studying. Then I study some more.

Rory then asks...

Rory: Is this your entire wardrobe?
Paris: Yes.
Rory: There's nothing left at home?
Paris: No, except for my Chilton uniform and my bat mitzvah dress. I didn't want to wear that; it has menorahs on the collar.
Rory: I understand.

Above: This is a strange "Before and After." On the left, Paris tells Rory she has nothing to wear, then, on the right, Rory loans her some of Lorelai's clothes....
Rory: I have something to tell you.
Lorelai: Me, too. You first.
Rory: I loaned Paris your black mini and you may never get it back unless a miracle happens.

To which Lorelai replies casually, "You missed out on a quarter of a million dollars today."

You can imagine the shock all around.

No one really knows where things will go with Paris and Rory. Judging from the way they turned out at the end of "The Third Lorelai," we may never know.

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